PP Flute board

PP Corrugated packaging material from the market leader

welcome_paragraph_home">Pioneer is a market leader in manufacturing PP Flute Board Sheets that are light weight, oil resistant and waterproof. Hence these products have a wide range of usability. Form and flexibility of PP Corrugated sheets makes it a favorite in PROTECTIVE PACKAGING of small and medium components, electronic parts, FMCG, display panels as well as stationery and daily used items. Products are water/chemical proof. Vermin proof and food grade.


PP hollow sheet/fluted sheet/ flute board /corrugated PP sheet is a hollow Polypropylene sheet, that can be converted into different customized PP Corrugated Box or crates with or without partition, with or without PE foam padding / fitments etc.

Application Areas

Our PP flute boards can be customized to any size of boxes, crates or totes to fit the exact requirement of our clients for the use of Reusable, Returnable and Protective Packaging.

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