While transporting or storing, packages are subject to rough handling and movement from vehicles, making them prone to damage. We design our protective packaging to shield your valued items from any physical harm and damage during transportation or storage.

For best protection, we use Bubble Films, PE Foam, Edge Board and XL PE Foam or Cross Link Foam to protect fragile items from breakage or scratches and prevent items from shifting during transit.


Bubble Films

Bubble bags, also called bubble wrap bags, are a type of packaging composed of bubble wrap. While bubble wrap can take many forms, bubble bags are the most prominent one. These are bag-like formations constructed of continuous, little air-filled sacs that cushion items wrapped in it. Here are some other things to keep in mind about bubble bags. Having big capacity, started in 2004 and now having 4 extruders, manufacturing

They are also available in roll form for wrapping items (comes with adhesive and without adhesive )
They offer the dual benefit of protection and packaging.

Pioneer Air Bubble Film comes in wider range to cater to variety of needs of the clients across industries

Single Layer Bubble
2 Layer Bubble
3 Layer Bubble
Sandwich Bubble
Printed Bubble
Bubble With Foam Cushion

Polyethylene Foam (PE FOAM)

PE Foam or The Packaging Foam is the largest protective packaging category. It includes a wide variety of products that can be shaped and cut into whichever form is best suited for a particular item. When items are encased in packaging foam, they are better protected from accidents. Unlike packing peanuts, packaging foam tends to be denser and is much larger in size. Here are some good things to know:

There is no definitive shape for packaging foam.
Popular types include sheets, sponge rolls, foam rolls and egg crates.
Packaging foam is more diverse in its makeup, so there is rarely one standard material.
It can be wrapped individually to one’s preference along with a particular item.
This protective packaging category is measured by firmness.

Cross Link Poly Ethylene Foams

Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) possesses better physical properties than general PE. Cross-linking with water is achieved by grafting PE with silane followed by hydrolysis to Si–OH groups and subsequent condensation to form Si–O–Si bonds. XLPE is an extremely fine-celled foam, ideal for projects and applications that require thicker cushion.



Damage caused during transport and handling is a problem for manufactures and distributors. This is why products and packaging experts have chosen edges protection as a partial solution to the problem.
Edges Board offers a complete system to solve your packaging problems. The edge board system replaces expensive packaging material, Saves work and material; It is environment friendly and recyclable. Therefore the product is Reusable and cost effective.
FEATURES: Side protection, Edge protection, Protection Frame. Vertical protection, Wrap-around Edge board, End Protection. U-Profile Self Adhesive. Stacking strength. Printing can be done on the Surface Recyclable.