Rental Services

PIONEER ENTERPRISES is a top rated manufacturer and converter of PP Flute Board in India. To reduce the cost of ownership in returnable packaging, Pioneer offers Rental Services by offering two lines of products :



Layer Pads are essentially a separator that protects containers / materials from friction. These horizontal layers are put between the stack of container. These pads are plain sheets as well customized to fit the containers

Currently Pioneer Layer Pads are being used in paint industries for their paint jars.

Current clients are Asian Paints, Berger Paints. Akso Nobel by Dulox paints

Pioneer foresees and is exploring the use of Layer Pads in other industries such as Lubricant and other industries.


We offer various options in our FLCs, from lightweight to heavy duty; they are available in multiple standard dimensions. Our foldable large containers FLCs are specially designed for durability and efficiency in long-distance logistics and a large number of return trips, maximizing cost saving and lowering carbon footprint. Their foldable design ensures reduced cost of relocating empty containers, compact storage, making them an eco-friendly choice for businesses aiming to streamline operations while prioritizing sustainability.

Foldable Large Containers (FLCs) are collapsible plastic containers which are used to transport a variety of cargoes. These containers are specially designed to reduce the cost of relocating empty containers while providing maximum product protection and load stability.

Our FLCs consists of 3 parts top lids, bottom pallet and center sleeve, designed and customized to the client’s requirements

Our specialization is giving inserts or partitions in the FLCs




Improved Design

Fitted with ergonomic latches and handles, our FLCs are seamlessly delivered to assembly lines, reducing supply chain hassles and enhancing efficiency..


Reduced Costs

Our FLCs (Foldable Large Containers) revolutionize packaging costs and transportation expenses while optimizing inventory management through tailored containers.



Made from 100% recyclable materials, our environmentally-friendly FLCs seamlessly integrate with various warehouse equipments, ensuring compatibility and sustainability at every step of the supply chain.


Improved Flexibility

Revolutionizing line-side processes, our FLCs eliminate the need for strapping and wrapping materials, enhancing handling flexibility and fortifying product security for seamless operations.


PIONEER FLCs are best suited for moving all type of parts across a wider range of industries. Get in touch with us to know how we can help your SCM achieve better operational efficiencies.